Brand Philosophy


About Fong-Man Biotech Farm ☀ Doctor Red Turmeric 

Fong-Man Biotech Farm Doctor Red Turmeric. The rich red earth of Nantou’s Bagua Mountain produces healthy crops that are nutrient-rich and full of vitality. Farming the land for nearly a century, grandpa and grandma Hsieh’s natural ecological farming has brought us simple happiness and bliss. We strive to maintain the health and purity of this land, allowing it to continue producing fresh, healthy food to share with everyone.

Nestled in the southern side of Bagua Mountain in Nantou, central Taiwan, with the Zhoushui River running next to it, Fong-Man Biotech Farm is veiled in clouds and mist every day after noon, giving it the ideal geographical conditions for ecological farming and the abundant production of natural, pure and healthy crops.

Dr. Hsieh’s mother, who is a winner of Taiwan Shennong Award (an award to recognize excellence in agriculture), has devoted herself to Earth-friendly farming on the land she loves. Growing up on the farm, her son has learned to love his home and land; with his PhD in organic agronomy, he brings together farmers who share the same ideology to care for the land and the rustic village. The name “Fong-Man” means “abundance” and “robustness”. Dr. Turmeric, as Dr. Hsieh is fondly called, wants a land where children’s laughter and calls of insects and birds combine to create a concerto. He believes in “adapting to the seasons, respecting nature, planting crops suitable for the land, cherishing what we have and loving others”. It is with this belief that he farms the land, shares toxic-free crops with everyone and delivers real food directly from the farm to you, putting fresh, healthy and safe food on your table.

Wholehearted devotion, hard work and diligence grown into a successful business!

Thirty years ago, when Dr. Hsieh’s father collapsed from the exhaustion of caring for the farmland, Dr. Hsieh’s mother had to toughen up and shoulder the responsibility of continuing the legacy of the century-old farmland. Fortunately, Dr. Hsieh’s mother has grown up raising cattle, pigs and chickens, and planting vegetables, and this has allowed her to stay true to her belief despite the many difficulties and challenges she faced, finally winning her the Taiwan Shennong Award (an award to recognize excellence in agriculture). Dr. Hsieh, who loves his family and was constantly worried about his mother and the farmland, was determined to study agricultural technology. Overcoming many difficulties and putting forth his best efforts, he finally achieved a PhD in agronomy, specializing in turmeric. 

Dr. Turmeric returned to his homeland and devoted himself to managing the farm. Using natural resources, such as organic fertilizers and soybean liquid fertilizer, and taking good care of crops, such as tea trees, red turmeric, perilla and honeysuckle, he created an ecologically abundant farm with robust crops – Fong-Man Biotech Farm. Not only does Dr. Turmeric run an organic farm, he is also a consultant to CGMP traditional Chinese medicine manufacturers on organic medicinal herb cultivation, and lectures on organic agricultural production technology in universities in Taiwan and overseas. The simple farming family’s wholehearted devotion, hard work and diligence have finally grown the small farm into a successful business!

Returning home with a PhD in agronomy and developing health products to help people

Dr. Turmeric’s research focus was primarily orchid cultivation technology. However, witnessing how his friends and relatives suffered from various ailments, he decided to delve into the research on production of medicinal crops and foods. After reviewing research literature, he found that turmeric is one of the top 10 super foods in the 21st century. Human beings have used it for over 6000 years and there are over 3000 modern medical research papers on turmeric. Turmeric promotes metabolism, regulates bodily functions, adjusts body constitution, nourishes and strengthens the body, boosts energy, promotes beautiful skin, maintains youthful appearance, improves appetite, aids in digestion, eases bowel movement and clears inflammatory heat. It is highly suitable for general healthcare, and pre/post-natal and post-illness nourishment.

Currently, there are 134 types of turmeric in the world; only one type is used for both its culinary and medicinal purposes, and three types are used for its medicinal properties. Dr. Turmeric discovered that Doctor Red Turmeric contains 38-300 times more curcumin than ordinary turmeric and began developing healthy products, such as red turmeric powder, red turmeric thin noodle, red turmeric ramen, red turmeric oolong tea and red turmeric brown sugar. Taking the industry by storm, these products were an instant hit with consumers, exporting to Europe, the United States, Singapore and Malaysia. Dr. Turmeric not only develops red turmeric health products to promote people’s well-being but also gives free talks on “Turmeric and Healthy Living”.

Champion chef makes the nation proud with healthy, delicious dishes

Latest studies have shown that curcumin works best when eaten with food. Dr. Turmeric’s brother A-Hsiang-Shih, who has learned from the famous state-banquet chef Master Hsiao Chung-lung for close to 10 years, enjoys turning healthy ingredients into tasty dishes. He has created the cooling red turmeric honey lemon tea, delicious red turmeric rice dumplings, healthy red turmeric pineapple pastry and sunny red turmeric cake for the farm. A-Hsiang-Shih’s creation of healthy, sunny red turmeric dishes has also won him the championship in the “2015 Asian Master Chefs Competition”. Together, both Dr. Turmeric and champion chef A-Hsiang-Shih make the nation proud, making delicious and healthy red turmeric dishes that everyone enjoys.

Origin of Fong-Man’s name

The Farm was named “Fong-Man”, which means “abundance” and “robustness” as Dr. Hsieh’s mother wishes it to be ecologically abundant with robust plant growth, and the yearly harvests plentiful. Since Dr. Turmeric cultivates medicinal plants and produces health foods using organic biotechnology and sophisticated production method, the deity of the temple of the family’s religious belief also suggested the name “Fong-Man Biotech Farm”, providing blessings of health to those who eat Fong-Man’s produce.

✔  SGS certified 

Due to severe environmental pollution, not all the food grown from the earth is edible. Dr. Turmeric’s mother and Dr. Turmeric led a group of professional farmers to adopt organic cultivation (MOA organic certification no.: MOA151379) and subject agricultural products to stringent checks by inspection and verification agencies, such as SGS. This is the farmland we strive to maintain and we hope to share the fruits of great nature with everyone!

✔  25 assurances ✔  

.Developed and manufactured by National Chung Hsing University’s Dr. Turmeric
.Jointly advised by professors of traditional Chinese medicine from National Chung Hsing University and Tzu Chi University
.Recommended by EU health food experts
.Compliant with TCM quality specifications for turmeric in Japan, USA, EU, Britain, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong
.Best-selling in organic distribution channels
.SGS-certified (no detected residues for 426 pesticides)
.Certified free from 5 heavy metals
.Certified free from six preservatives – not detected
.Certified water activity level – not detected
.Certified free from 10 artificial colorings – not detected
.Certified free from 9 plasticizers – not detected
.No artificial flavoring
.Certified free from 5 aflatoxins – not detected
.Certified free from ochratoxins – not detected
.Certified total bacteria count – not detected 
.Certified E.coli concentration – not detected
.Certified salmonella detection – not detected
.Certified free from mold and yeast – not detected
.Certified maleic acid detection – not detected
.Certified sulfur dioxide detection – not detected
.ISO 22000/ HACCP quality certified
.Passed National Chung Hsing University’s renal toxicity testing in animal studies
.100% ecologically cultivated/ produced/ manufactured in Taiwan
.Cathay Century Insurance Co.’s Product Liability Insurance Coverage ($20 million)